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Our Mission

At Loudoun Bible Church, our mission is developing disciples while building community—one home at a time.

Reach Them ~ Connect Them ~ Grow Them ~ Send Them 

Consequently, we are a growing church of growing believers sharing the responsibility of our church.  


Our Core Values

We intend to carry out God's work through: Accountability, the Bible, Community, Compassion,  and Creativity.

Accountability.  We value one-on-one accountability for all ministry leaders and members as a key element for promoting individual growth while minimizing personal defection.

Bible.  We value the Bible as God's written Word to mankind and will utilize His Word for communicating the precepts and principles for a fulfilled, God-honoring life.

Community.  We value community and the importance of interdependence on other believers as a continuous connecting point--separate but inclusive of regular worship services. In addition, we value those within our local communities and their spiritual, physical and emotional needs.

Compassion.  We value the active demonstration of compassion as modeled and taught by Christ.

Creativity.  We value the creative minds and giftedness of God's people and welcome the use of creativity to build the body of believers as well as sharing the good news of Jesus.